Artapreneurs Summit

Artapreneurs Summit Logo The Rise Of The Creative Entrepreneur
April 17-19, 2020

Join us for a unique online event that will change your life.

The Artapreneurs™ Summit is an online event designed to inform, educate and inspire artists and creatives to never have to choose between their art and their income again!

Join over 30 Guest Experts coming together to talk about the massive opportunities, trends, tools and strategies that are making 6- and 7-figure independent creative careers and businesses possible.

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The Artapreneurs™ Summit
is a unique one-of-a-kind event.

We are daring to open the conversation around the fine arts and creative industries and the fast-changing world of technology, entrepreneurship, and the emerging markets facing us all.

“The Rise Of The Creative Entrepreneur” is taking a look at why, right now, the time is ripe for any artist or creative who wants to take hold of their future. There has been a massive shift which is empowering millions of artists and creatives. We’re moving away from the ‘starving artist’ mentality towards choices which create sustainable incomes, provide meaning and purpose, and focus on the freedom to choose how and when we work as well as who we work with.

All over the world, independent artists and creative entrepreneurs are making thousands, 6-figures or even millions in your exact same industry. What if you could peek into their lives, even just for a moment? Your own success and growth to the next level is just around the corner. You just need some insights and a plan. You’ll learn exactly how it can and is being done.

Don’t miss the ArtapreneursTM Summit. Your Creative Destiny awaits.

Learn From Over 30 Guest Experts on Independent Creative Careers and Entrepreneurship.

Hosted by Aris Creates, founder of Arts & Company and creator of Artapreneurs.

Jamie Benson

Dancer, Recovering Fine Artist, Comedy Impresario & Marketing Consultant

Risa Culbertson

Multimedia Artist, Printmaker & Owner of PapaLlama

Adam Bohn

Video Game Creator and Founder of Artix Entertainment

Jewel Tolentino & Auret Esselen

Full-time Creatives, YouTubers and Founders of Essetino Artists

Mary Anne Radmacher

Professional Wordsmith, Creative Business Coach and Corporate Consultant

Owen Garratt

The Pencilneck & Creator of Marketing Tools For Artists

Sarina Correa

Serial Creative Entrepreneur, Founder The Shabby Divas & $5 Paint Club

Patrick Combs

Professional Author, Speaker, Storyteller, Comedic Entertainer and Founder of Bliss Champions

William Hung

Professional Speaker, Author and Entertainer

Dennis & Mary Lou Green

Professional Authors, Inventors & Licensing Advocates

Josh Elledge

Online Influence and Authority Expert, Founder of UpMyInfluence

Nichole Gaither

Intellectual Property Lawyer and Trademark Expert

Marie Rapin

Lifestyle Brand Designer, Founder Marie Angeline

Doc Williams

Founder of Brand Factory, Inc

Eve Epstein & Robyn Rusignuolo

Solopreneur Support, Founders of SoleVenture

Jared & Nichole Stull
Jared & Nichole Stull

Educators & Coaches with Stull Train Creative & Improv Comedy Theater Specialists

Jim Victor & Marie Pelton

Owne​​​​rs of Jim Victor Marie Pelt​​​​on Food Sculpture

Julia Kelly

Caricature Artist & Owner, JK Expressions

Lisa Rothstein

Pro​​​​fessional Cartoonist, Copywriter & Coach​​​​

Patai & See Foon Wonganutrohd

Father and Creative Business Manager & Junior Artist

Vinny Tafuro

Economist, Author, Founder, Institute for Economic Evolution

Toni V Martin

Illustrator & Founder of Urbanluxe Paperie

Brent Britton

Intellectual Property Lawyer and Author

Sofiya Deva

Writer and Social Entrepreneur For The Arts

Jamie Doerschuck

Copywriter & Digital Marketing Specialist, Founder of The Doer Co.

Rachel Boyette

Painter and Artist App Developer

Allie Serrano

Empowering Portrait Artist, Allie Serrano Portraits

Brook Borup

Admin Support, Founder of My Clone Solution

Summit Host - Aris Creates 
Aris Creates Head Shot

As a multi-passionate creative, Aris has started businesses or created income in over a dozen different creative disciplines. She’s been paid for live stage performances, voice acting, costume design, hand lettering, graphic design and just about any other creative work she could get her talent on.

She has won awards for her writing, singing, illustration, design work and more and has lent her voice to audiobooks, radio commercials and software projects, run her own graphic design and multimedia agency, and co-founded a mobile game startup. Her experiences have let her touch on every aspect of being both a creative and an entrepreneur.

She is now focused on helping other creatives live fulfilling lives that allow them the freedom to choose their own paths through entrepreneurship. Through the Artapreneurs Summit, she is bringing together experts from all sides of the subject of creative entrepreneurship to paint a better picture of where artists and creatives have been, what they’re facing now and where they’re going next.

The Summit Is Over, But You Can Still Access All Of The Content By Getting A Thriving Pass

Learn how to start, build or grow your creative business or career.

What Makes The Artapreneurs Summit Unique?

  • These are engaging and actionable interviews you won’t hear anywhere else.
  • This is the only global online summit focused entirely on creative entrepreneurship and artistic independence.
  • The whole experience is high-quality, well-rounded, and easy-to-understand.
  • Get a comprehensive picture of how YOU can start, build or grow your creative business.
  • Leave the summit feeling inspired and hopeful for yourself — and for the entire world of artists and creatives.

The Summit Is Over, But You Can Still Access All Of The Content By Getting A Thriving Pass

If you’ve ever wondered whether you could live a sustainable life of Creative Independence… If you ever wished you could live a life filled daily with your amazing talents… Or if you just want to delve deeper into a side hustle in the creative industries, join over 30 Guest Experts to learn how you can start, build or grow a creative business.

Learn how to start, build or grow your creative business or career.

Did You Know?

According to the UN, the arts and creative industries are one of the fastest growing sectors in the global economy. (1)

The US alone spends $760 billion per year on the arts and creative industries. (2)

Those who choose to pursue entrepreneurship, and retain their independence make 30% more income while having the freedom and flexibility that others who do the same work do not enjoy.(3,4) That’s the same as getting a Master’s Degree! (5)

According to the National Endowment for the Arts, artists are 350% more likely than the total U.S. workforce to be entrepreneurial. (6)

Of the $2.25 trillion (2013) spent on the arts & creative industries annually, 28% was spent in the US, 32% in Europe, and 34% in SE Asia-Pacific. (7)

According to UNESCO, cultural & creative industry revenues worldwide exceed those of telecom services. (8)

Whether you’re a traditional fine artist or someone in the creative industries, this is about you. ​Writers, musicians, filmmakers, illustrators, culinary artists, graphic artists, printmakers, makeup and fashion designers, painters, voice artists, comedians and many more. Whatever your creative passions, you're in good company when you join the Artapreneurs Summit.

The Summit Is Over, But You Can Still Access All Of The Content By Getting A Thriving Pass

Learn how to start, build or grow your creative business or career.

Join the summit and get answers to critical questions like:

  • How can I get started as a solo artist or creator with a small budget?
  • How can I deal with everyone who says I’ll starve or I won’t live a fulfilled life?

  • How do I embrace my true creative self and find my unique path to creative entrepreneurship?
  • How can I figure out what I should be focusing on?
  • What about collaborating, hiring and outsourcing as a creative entrepreneur?
  • What are all the moving parts to running my own business?
  • How can I decide when is the right time for me to take the leap into a side hustle or a part-time or full-time creative business?
  • Why do other creatives get all the attention?
  • What are the best strategies for artists who are just starting out?
  • Which tools are successful artists and creatives relying on in their businesses?
  • How do I grow the small success I’ve had as a creative?
  • How do I build my audience in a way that they will love and support me and my creative passions?

The Summit Is Over, But You Can Still Access All Of The Content By Getting A Thriving Pass

Learn how to start, build or grow your creative business or career.