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STEP 1 of 3: Check Out The Schedule & Guest Experts

Summit Schedule

April 16

Summit Virtual Kick-off Pre-Party

& Virtual Networking

April 17

Opening Keynote:
The Rise Of The Creative Entrepreneur

Day 1 Sessions

Live Virtual Networking

April 18

Day 2 Sessions

Live Virtual Networking

April 19

Day 3 Sessions

Live Virtual Networking

Summit Guest Experts

All personally interviewed by Aris Creates, the founder of Arts & Company and host of the Artapreneurs Summit

Jamie Benson

Dancer, Recovering Fine Artist, Comedy Impresario & Marketing Consultant

Risa Culbertson

Multimedia Artist, Printmaker & Owner of PapaLlama

Adam Bohn

Video Game Creator and Founder of Artix Entertainment

Jewel Tolentino & Auret Esselen

Full-time Creatives, YouTubers and Founders of Essetino Artists

Mary Anne Radmacher

Professional Wordsmith, Creative Business Coach and Corporate Consultant

Owen Garratt

The Pencilneck & Creator of Marketing Tools For Artists

Sarina Correa

Serial Creative Entrepreneur, Founder The Shabby Divas & $5 Paint Club

Patrick Combs

Professional Author, Speaker, Storyteller, Comedic Entertainer and Founder of Bliss Champions

William Hung

Professional Speaker, Author and Entertainer

Dennis & Mary Lou Green

Professional Authors, Inventors & Licensing Advocates

Josh Elledge

Online Influence and Authority Expert, Founder of UpMyInfluence

Nichole Gaither

Intellectual Property Lawyer and Trademark Expert

Marie Rapin

Lifestyle Brand Designer, Founder Marie Angeline

Doc Williams

Founder of Brand Factory, Inc

Eve Epstein & Robyn Rusignuolo

Solopreneur Support, Founders of SoleVenture

Jared & Nichole Stull
Jared & Nichole Stull

Improv Comedy Theater Owners & Educators, Stull Train Creative

Jim Victor & Marie Pelton

Owne​​​​rs of Jim Victor Marie Pelt​​​​on Food Sculpture

Julia Kelly

Caricature Artist & Owner, JK Expressions

Lisa Rothstein

Pro​​​​fessional Cartoonist, Copywriter & Coach​​​​

Patai & See Foon Wonganutrohd

Father and Creative Business Manager & Junior Artist

Vinny Tafuro

Economist, Author, Founder, Institute for Economic Evolution

Toni V Martin

Illustrator & Founder of Urbanluxe Paperie

Brent Britton

Intellectual Property Lawyer and Author

Sofiya Deva

Writer and Social Entrepreneur For The Arts

Jamie Doerschuck

Copywriter & Digital Marketing Specialist, Founder of The Doer Co.

Rachel Boyette

Painter and Artist App Developer

Allie Serrano

Empowering Portrait Artist, Allie Serrano Portraits

Brook Borup

Admin Support, Founder of My Clone Solution

Summit Host - Aris Creates 
Aris Creates Head Shot

As a multi-passionate creative, Aris has started businesses or created income in over a dozen different creative disciplines. She’s been paid for live stage performances, voice acting, costume design, hand lettering, graphic design and just about any other creative work she could get her talent on.

She has won awards for her writing, singing, illustration, design work and more and has lent her voice to audiobooks, radio commercials and software projects, run her own graphic design and multimedia agency, and co-founded a mobile game startup. Her experiences have let her touch on every aspect of being both a creative and an entrepreneur.

She is now focused on helping other creatives live fulfilling lives that allow them the freedom to choose their own paths through entrepreneurship. Through the Artapreneurs Summit, she is bringing together experts from all sides of the subject of creative entrepreneurship to paint a better picture of where artists and creatives have been, what they’re facing now and where they’re going next.

STEP 2 of 3: Join Other Thriving Artists

Having This Information Could Make All The Difference to Your Creative Destiny

The truth is... big media companies have been making billions on the backs of creatives, and it’s time for creatives to become their own boss, discover their financial freedom and live a higher purpose.

The starving artist is becoming a thing of the past.
The time is now to get informed, become empowered, and to take action.
You deserve creative independence.

And you deserve your own brand of freedom.


Why Become a Thriving Artist?

Be a catalyst for change–for yourself and for the arts and creative industries worldwide.

Change is needed in the arts and creative industries. Fortunately, it’s happening all around us. However, most of it is in fast-moving technology and quickly-changing economies. This creates confusion which leaves a lot of creatives feeling overwhelmed.

The answer is to improve your own chances of success. You must first build the means for a sustainable future in order to create your own greatest impact in the world.

Each empowered artist and creative can be a catalyst for positive change. Every one set on improving their own abilities to thrive and build a sustainable life filled with purpose is one that is raising the bar for all of us.

When you choose the Artapreneurs Summit Thriving Artist Pass, you’ll gain extra time to learn exactly what exactly is happening and how you can become a force for change–in your own life and in the artistic world of the future. You’ll also get access to additional materials and bonuses.

We’re giving hope to millions of creatives around the world by illustrating exactly what is working and how it’s being accomplished by numerous artists in different disciplines and by those who are helping and supporting their success. From dancers to poets, illustrators to video game creators, lawyers to branding specialists.

If you’re looking to learn and grow in your creative life and you’d rather strive than starve as an artist, there’s no better way to get started than to invest in yourself and your dreams now. Get your Thriving Artist pass now and open up more knowledge and opportunities for everyone.


However, this may NOT be for you if:

  • You just want to create for the sake of creation, only for yourself, or let things sit in a closet or never see the public eye
  • You don’t want anyone to change your mind about money and making money with your talents
  • You believe that being well-compensated for your creative talents is selling out and a sin
  • You prefer to continue as a ‘starving artist’, alone and without guidance from anyone
  • You don’t like the idea of community, adding value to the world, seeing trends and opportunities that relate to your creative work in any way
  • You think 6-figure artists and millionaires are make-believe and that this summit is all an elaborate and expensive lie
  • You think your family, friends and workmates have a point when they say you need the security of a J.O.B., so you don’t want to try
  • Your art/drama/music/English teacher said you suck and you (still) believe them.
  • You’d prefer to beg, hope and pray that someone will eventually discover you and make you famous and rich
  • You’d prefer to beg, hope and pray that someone will eventually discover you and make you famous and rich

If you’re fed up with the status quo, and ready to make a change…

Take action now and upgrade to the Thriving Artist Pass.

As you can see, we lined up an amazing group of guest experts to help educate, guide, and entertain you on your journey to a more

successful you and a bright creative future.
And we want to make sure you get the MAXIMUM benefit from this unique opportunity.

​When You Upgrade To Your Thriving Artist Pass, Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • 90 days access to the all the summit interviews and audios.
  • Amazing bonuses that will be announced soon!
  • 90 days access to Aris’ top post-interview reflections and takeaways.
  • The knowledge that you’re helping people in need to unlock their own creative destiny!

BECAUSE…for every Thriving Artist Pass sold, we’ll donate funds to enable Rising International to help a battered woman escape abuse and become an entrepreneur, and a struggling artist in a low income community escape poverty.


Our 30-Day Money Back Risk-Free Guarantee

Take up to 30 days to make use of the entire Thriving Artist Pass.

We guarantee that you will:

  • Have the tools and information to improve your creative business right away
  • Discover your path to taking control of your creative freedom.
  • Feel empowered to know the real actionable steps to start, build and grow your creative business.
30 Day
100% Risk Free
Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is important to us so if for any reason you aren’t 100% happy with your purchase, you have 60 days to request a prompt and total refund. Just email us at summitsupport@artsncompany.com or call us at 347-762-7870. You can also hit reply to any email we send you with your request.

  • Yes, Aris, please give me TOTAL ACCESS to the Artapreneurs Summit Thriving Artist Pass.
  • I understand I’ll be receiving the entire program of interviews, audios and bonus offerings, for 90 days for a small one-time investment.
  • I also realize I risk nothing, since you’re offering a 60-day risk-free money-back guarantee if I am not thrilled with the program.

STEP 3 of 3: Share With Artists & Creatives

The state of the arts and creative industries in the world is in desperate need of revolution—now more than ever!

It's time for change!
Creatives around the world are creating 5-, 6-, and even 7-figure creative empires. It’s time for creatives to come out of hiding and proudly take control of their creative destiny.

​Please help us spread the word about the Artapreneurs Summit!

This information could change your life or the life of someone you love!

This is where you can get the TRUTH about what’s happening in the creative revolution. Tell your friends, your family, and your network to join us — they'll thank you for it!

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