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Help the Artists and Creatives in your audience learn to thrive, and be rewarded for it.

Artists And Creatives Should Never Have To Choose Between Their Art And Their Income

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We’re really passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs, and we know the time is ripe for them to hear the message that artists don’t need to starve. They don’t need to do something they hate to pay the bills. They don’t need to give up on their dreams.

At Artapreneurs, this is our dream: That more people will take control of their creative destiny and put their amazing and unique talents into the world in a way that is valued.

We’re proud that we have so many eager revenue partners on board with us for our first summit. We’re looking forward to building an amazing community of creative entrepreneurs who support this dream.

Join us in cultivating a community of creatives set free. Become a revenue partner today, and together, we’ll change the arts and creative industries.

There Has Never Been a Better Time for the Creative Entrepreneur to Rise.

According to the UN, the arts and creative industries are one of the fastest growing sectors in the global economy. (1)

In the US alone, independent creatives are rapidly growing part of the $760 billion industry creative industries. (2)

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Help the Artists and Creatives in your audience learn to thrive, and be rewarded for it.

How Do I Make Money With The Artapreneurs Summit?

All At No Cost To Your Audience, Or To You.

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According to the National Endowment for the Arts, Artists Are 350% More Likely Than the Total U.S. Workforce to Be Entrepreneurial. (3)

Of The $2.25 Trillion (2013) Spent On The Arts & Creative Industries Annually, 28% Was Spent In The US, 32% In Europe, And 34% In SE Asia-Pacific. (4)

According To UNESCO, Cultural & Creative Industry revenues worldwide exceed those of telecom services. (5)

Understanding The Opportunity

When you become an Revenue Partner, you can invite your audience to our free event. If any of them go on to make a purchase, you’ll earn revenue via tracked links (see more in the FAQs). By sharing an extremely valuable free resource with your network, you can combine making a positive difference with the potential for earning some income to support your own work.

Our Revenue Partners share in 50% of the profits we make from anyone they refer to the Artapreneurs Summit. As a Revenue Partner, you can give your audience complimentary passes to the Artapreneurs Summit. That allows them to receive a 100% discount ($497) & attend at no cost (to them or you). This makes the summit 100% free to attend for your audience.

If anyone who registers wants to upgrade their experience, or go deeper into their creative entrepreneur journey with us, they can purchase one of two upgraded passes.

The “Striving Artist” pass includes 1 year of access to the Artapreneurs Summit material, live video networking, and access to exclusive bonus materials from our speakers.

The “Thriving Artist” pass includes everything the “Striving Artist” pass does, as well as 4 weeks of creative entrepreneurial coaching from the Summit’s host, Aris.These passes increase in price as the event gets closer. There are “Early Bird”, “Regular”, and “Post Summit” prices.

These price increases give you opportunities to encourage your audience to upgrade their experience before, during and after the summit.

When Should I Promote The Summit?

We Expect 80% Of Sales To Happen Between April 4 - April 16

March 13 - April 10, 2020

Early Bird Promotions

$97 Upgrade Passes

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April 11 - April 16, 2020

Pre-Summit Promotions

$147 Upgrade Passes
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April 17 - April 19, 2020

The Summit Is Live

Upgrade Price Increases Daily
Attendees Can Jump Into The Summit Right Away

April 20 & Beyond

After The Summit

Full Price Passes

Your Audience Has A Limited Time To Upgrade Their Pass

Join The Revenue Partner Program Today!

Help the Artists and Creatives in your audience learn to thrive, and be rewarded for it.