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Creative Economy Explosion Show

Exploring how to find success in the new creative economy.

We believe good art can be good business. With a few tools in your toolkit, you can improve your income and build the life you’ve always dreamed of through your creativity. Creative Economy Explosion is one of those tools.

We’re exploring how to find success in the new creative economy. Join us and other ‘Hungry Artists’ every episode to Upgrade Your Thinking? with valuable tips, tricks, interviews with experts and pros. Listen now!

Brain Snack? Series

Brain Snacks? are bite-size pieces of knowledge for your brain. Get tips and tricks, info and inspiration on being an Artapreneur?. We serve them up like tapas, daily.

Brain Snack? Ep 001?What is an Artapreneur??
Brain Snack? Ep 002?Stop ‘Faking’ It and Start Making It
Brain Snack? Ep 003?Dealing With Depression
Brain Snack? Ep 004-The NEW Creative Economy is a sharing/learning economy
Brain Snack? Ep 005-Why you need a USP
Brain Snack? Ep 006-Passive Income Discussed
Brain Snack? Ep 007-Creative Cocktail: The Neuroscience Of Creativity
Brain Snack? Ep008-Dreams vs Goals
Brain Snack? Ep009-Why You Need A CRM
Brain Snack? Ep010-Time Management Tips
Brain Snack? Ep011-Balancing Work & Life
Brain Snack? Ep012-Maintaining Integrity In Business
Brain Snack? Ep013-Breaking Into Public Speaking
Brain Snack? Ep014-Social Media Simplified
Brain Snack? Ep015-Leadership: What does it take?
Brain Snack? Ep016-Staying Motivated
Brain Snack? Ep017-Why you need a mentor
Brain Snack? Ep018-Solopreneurs and microbusinesses
Brain Snack? Ep019-Protecting Your Intellectual Property
Brain Snack? Ep020-Eat for Creativity
Brain Snack? Ep021-What you should charge

Interview Series

Episode 1: Intro to Creative Economy Explosion
Featuring awesome tips from “6 Things Every Creative Industry Business Should Be Doing”. Listen here.

Episode 2: Interview with Tony Rockliff: music producer, music business coach, online marketing specialist.
Join us as we discuss the music business and find out the 3 actions you must take to find success online. Listen here.

Episode 3: Interview with Toby Martini, pro improv coach. Listen to find out the ONE thing every creative business should know before they start. Listen here.

Episode 4: Interview with Jon Benton Mackinder, professional songwriter. We discuss how to segment your various artistic endeavors.? Listen here.

Episode 5: Interview with Antony Francis, social media strategist. Antony shares how social media can benefit your business. Listen here.